Wednesday, December 16, 2009

little girl lost.

The month for internship applications has arrived! My parents have arrived in Montreal, from the tiny island I like to call home, Bahrain, therefore sparking the urgency to discuss summer plans!

So I have a variety of summer plans and choices and I just have no idea which one is the one for me.

Do I:
1) Stay in Montreal, complete Summer 1 and then apply to the only English publishing house here and hope to get an internship. The problem with this choice is I do not go back home to see my family or friends. OR
2) Apply to this summer camp in Italy teaching English as a second language. The problem with this choice is the expenses. OR
3) Complete Summer 1, go back home to see the familia for a while, then head off to Spain with my friends on a yacht. Perfect Plan but also there are no jobs or internships involved.

WHAT TO DO!!!?!!?!

I will have to decide soon. Sucks to be me!

1 comment:

  1. Ok well they ALL sound amazing so no it does not suck to be you haha. I think you should apply to the publishing house in Montreal even if you don't end up working there in the end, you know, just to keep your options open. Also you should do the Summer 1 courses if that will help you graduate in Winter 2011. And I think seeing your family at some point in the Summer will be good, BUT the Italy thing sounds insanely amazing haha. Tough choice! Hope this helps :)