Thursday, January 28, 2010

Personal Letter to Amber Rose

Dear Miss Rose,

I am assuming that you and your boyfriend Kanye West have a combined 10,000 mirrors in your households. Knowing this makes me wonder, do you ever look in one? You have been caught at numerous public FASHION events wearing things that have probably shocked Lady Gaga (and that is nearly impossible). You recently attended a Cerruti Men fashion show in Paris and decided that you would dress worse than a $0.90 hooker! I have no idea why you would wear something that was so unbelievably tacky and unflattering. OH BUT IT DIDN'T STOP THERE! Who in their right mind would think that dressing as a human condom would be appropriate for a Chanel Haute Couture fashion show?!?! Clearly only you and Kanye West. It is my personal advice that you dump Kanye because he clearly cannot tell you the truth, for example when you look ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!

I am usually cautious of these celebrity blogs and hate the fact that these random people pick on celebrities, however

1) I do not believe you are a celebrity - you are only dating one.
2) I feel that this must be said because you are an extremely beautiful woman with a KICK ASS body and you choose to dress it up in all these horrific outfits. I actually have nightmares about these faux pas.

I really hope that the next time I see you on you will be dressed appropriately.


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  1. yes, i agree. But she's trying to get attention so let her be.

  2. hahahaha, i love the letter