Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Would You Do?

My best friend D recently told me that I need to start indulging in life. She claims that I am too cautious and my guilty conscious overrides my ability to have a good time. Well after this comment was made I became very self-conscious of my overall outlook and behavior in life. Shortly after, I swear to you, I got a sign from the Gods!!!! This new reality show on MTV called "The Buried Life" debuted and it is about four guys with a bucket list....what would you do before you died? Well you make a list of 100 things and try and complete each task BUT you also need to pay it forward. Well this inspired me so I am going to create my very own bucket list!!

The list will progressively appear throughout the week/month :)

My question is the same as that of "The Buried Life"...

What would you do?


  1. K HONESTLY, THAT IS CREEPY! I had the same epiphany a couple of days ago!!! That show is so inspiring, I'm working on my own bucket list :)

  2. yay post it on your blog and we shall compare!
    we can even force each other to cross off certain tasks :)