Wednesday, February 24, 2010

12th and Broadway

You know every time you travel you always find that one place...that specific place that you connected with the most or you had the most fun in. Or maybe it was the place where some sort of emotion was evoked or you met someone that left an impression, etc.  Well that is 'your spot.' Well I am happy to proclaim that I have recently found myself a new 'spot'...I have a favourite street corner in New York City!

Location: 12th and Broadway.
Description: Strand Bookstore. The loveliest bookstore EVER! It sells second and first hand books and has a phenomenal selection. 

I went in on Tuesday for thirty minutes and walked out with ten books. These books are ridiculously underpriced and undervalued. I found this magnificent, leather-bound, pocket-sized, Shakespeare handbook that was published in the early 1900s and it was priced at six dollars! SIX DOLLARS!!!!!!!! When I saw the price I honestly could not believe it, I was sure that there was some kind of mistake. This book should have been priced at a far higher value, but who am I kidding this is amazing for me!

Anyways this store is remarkable! I could spend days just wandering. The sad news is that on that particular day I had the worst luck. I was trying to find a nice copy of some Federico Garcia Lorca poetry and had the misfortune of finding none :(! I ended up finding a great book of Lorca's plays so no worries. I also could not find any Keats poetry, which was a shame and the strangest thing for a bookstore, but I found a great copy of some T.S. Eliot poetry so I was more than satisfied.

Through this experience I have come to the realization that Lorca's poetry is extremely underrated. I find that no one really reads his poetry anymore (at least there does not seem to be a strong following), and people are more aware of his plays, as well as his "scandalous" relationship to Salvador Dali (thank you very much Robert Pattinson).  Either way I recommend his poetry to all, they radiate passion and emotion and are eloquently written. 

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