Friday, February 12, 2010

A Personal Thank You.

So as I have stated before "The Buried Life" is an inspiration to me. These guys have all these really awesome/ridiculous dreams and they go out there and they make it a point to accomplish them. They also help others in the process and it is these stories that really get to me. Duncan, Johnnie, Dave, and Ben you have given me hope that there are good people out there in the world who are truly capable of being unselfish and wonderful. My faith in humanity and the male gender has been reinstated and for that I thank you!

11. See the Aurora Borealis

12. Build a home in a devastated area.

13. Plant 100 trees in one year.

14. Adopt a child.

15. Get my driver's license.

16. Sleep under the stars.

17. Help a random stranger.

18. Re-enact the boom box scene in "Say Anything" to a complete stranger.

19. Audition for a movie/TV show.

20. Hold/Attend a silent rave.

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