Saturday, February 27, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I consider myself a semi patient person when I need to be (I know all my friends are laughing at me right now). Fair enough my track record has not been that fantastic BUT when I travel I am rather patient. 

Yesterday, I got up at 6 (slept at 3), got ready, said goodbye to Dina, and braved the New York snow storm (which by the way New York City, it wasn't THAT bad! The city completely shut down due to some snow, "CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD! There is more than a cm of snow on the ground!") I stood outside trying to get any form of transportation till 7:50. Finally a cab driver was nice enough to help me to Penn Station, while the rest of New York would only accept me if I was going to the airport...and people say chivalry is dead! HA! My train was scheduled to depart at 8:15, it is 8:10 now and I am having a complete nervous breakdown. I get to the station and my train is on stand-by, which apparently was a good thing because it meant my train was not cancelled. I boarded my train at 11:45. I sat on that disgusting floor FOREVER. My ass was numb, my whole body was in pain from dragging that damn luggage through snow for an hour, and I was exhausted. YET, I was optimistic and was being, key word here, PATIENT. My train did not leave until around 12 and then got held up at every point possible, marking my arrival into Montreal at around 12:30. Honestly, I didn't care that much about the arrival time I was just so happy to get off that freakin' train!! 

There is one thing I cannot stand and that is people whilst I'm travelling. OH DEAR GOD! The people on my train were a schmorgusboard of annoying. There was a group of about eight people who had just met on the train and decided to scream and sing....THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE TRIP! The dude next to me was a nice enough guy, but decided that when a Stones' came on he would butcher it the best way possible. I have never heard someone sing "Angie" in such a horrendous way.  Look I don't mind people talking and laughing and singing, but I also believe in common courtesy. Stomping your  feet to the beat for one hour is really just plain ANNOYING!

I miss waking up and walking around the East Village and seeing my best friend every day. But I am glad to be safe and sound at home. If I could make one suggestion Canada: GET 'WHOLE FOODS!' 


  1. 1. I've never been to Whole Foods but I hear its amazing!!!
    2. This supports my theory that public transport on either a bus or train for long hours can drive you to think inhuman thoughts
    3. If only New Yorkers saw what weather we had to go through while you this past week!
    4. You're home!!!!

  2. tuh whole foodss!!! go marry yasserrr n u can love whole foods together! i swear its not that great ok. its a glorified canteen.