Thursday, February 25, 2010

They keep falling. Or rather floating down, as if I am watching feathers explode out of a pillow in slow motion. They refuse to stop. I am completely helpless right now. I must sit inside and watch as my last day in the city is completely hindered. I suppose I could walk outside and get completely soaked, maybe catch pneumonia and then miss my train tomorrow...but I'd rather not.

I am sitting on the window sill mesmerized by the snow and having an internal conflict. Do I love the snow or do I hate it? (Such a fascinating argument...) It is so relaxing to watch and also quite beautiful and yet I hate the snow right now and wish it would go back to where it came from. It is making me drowsy and unable to fully enjoy my last day in New York.

My day started off rather productive, I walked around the lower east side then headed to the MoMA. There was some wonderful exhibitions and I am so glad I got to experience them. Monet's "Water Lilies" were on display, and were captivating, I always feel so at peace when looking at his work. There was this great artist, William Kentridge, whom I had never heard of but am so glad to have seen. His artwork was fantastic and enthralling. The photography exhibition was probably one of my favourites. I could spend hours looking at photographs, creating stories for the people in the images or feeling a part of the landscape. There were a lot of beautiful pieces and some I managed to capture on my very own camera :). The Tim Burton exhibition was FABULOUS, however I did not get to appreciate it as much as I would have liked due to the masses interfering with my lovely day. There were people just standing around having a nice little chitchat by "The Nightmare Before Christmas" section and refused to move when other people were trying to get a closer look. I despise these people. Go to a coffee shop and leave the museum if you have no interest in appreciating what is in front of you! Anyways, after that I left and found the weather to be even worse than before. Devastation. No Empire State for me.

I suppose it is the ideal weather to catch up on some reading so I will begin to read Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw." Has anyone already read this? If so, is it any good?  

I hope you are all having a lovely day despite the weather. I will be leaving tomorrow, no more vacation and back to reality. Pictures of my trip will be posted upon arrival.


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