Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Neglected Blog...

I am so sorry.

My life has been on overdrive for the past week. I have had non-stop assignments, reading, etc. My weekends have been consumed by work, which I haven't had in so long that I am no longer used to waking up early on my weekends and not being able to laze around and procrastinate. The weather in Montreal has been fantastic, so fantastic that it has been hard for me not to go out and enjoy the weather and put off my heaps of homework.

The funniest thing happens to Montreal when the weather begins to get warmer; everyone truly believes it is summer! The majority of us bring out our leather jackets, or forget the coats all together; we then continue to dress inappropriately for the weather. We also put off school and work because "the weather is just too amazing today, it's supposed to be 8°C today!!" OR "it's raining tomorrow, I'll write that paper then."

The good thing about the improvement in weather is the fact that everyone comes out to play! You can bump into people you haven't seen all winter and catch up. Everyone is in a good mood because the sunshine puts a smile on everyone's face :) It is an all together wonderful experience.

Tomorrow is supposedly 10°C ...I hope you all enjoy it because I will be in the basement of Ogilvy's enjoying my wonderful day at work.

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