Friday, March 5, 2010

Michael Rault, Kinnie Starr, & Jay Malinowski

Last night Jay Malinowski was approximately one metre away from me. Last night Jay Malinowski sang beautifully. Last night Jay Malinowski LOOKED beautiful.

The music from last night was sensational, all three musicians could not differ more in sound and style, yet they were all similar in their individual awesome-ness. :)

Michael Rault was the first opening act; he is a 20 year old musician from Edmonton and had a crazy cool vibe. He looked like he was transported out of the late 60s/early 70s and I just got the feeling that I would love to be his friend; I imagine he has great things to offer a conversation haha. His music was a cross of blues and good old rock and roll. He had an extremely strong voice and was captivating; he really got the crowd pumped with his upbeat songs which differed greatly from the act that followed.

Kinnie Starr hails from Calgary and is from a mixed heritage, which includes a Mohawk ancestry. You could clearly hear her Native heritage expressed in her songs. She had a great presence on stage and her voice was mesmerizing. She really dominated the stage with her personality and her voice, you cannot deny her talent. She was very interesting because she opened with a spoken-word poem which was brilliant and in the middle of her set she showcased a rap she recently wrote. Her rap was not Tupac quality however it was comical and had a good beat. I thoroughly enjoyed both opening acts and am so happy to have found two new musicians that I love and will, hopefully, listen to for a long time to come.

I love when you listen to someone’s record and they sound amazing and then when you go to their live show they sound a little bit better. It truly showcases talent and Jay Malinowski possesses this particular quality. He was a wonderful performer and created an intimate atmosphere with the audience which made the experience 1000000 times more enjoyable. Howeverrrrrrrrr.... I was quite disappointed when my friend shouted out a comment and he acknowledged it (NOT HER!) haha [Michelle, Shereen, and Danah – I’m not hating...just sayin’]

Anyways, overall it was a great night and a nice change from the usual humdrum of my life.

p.s. I have to ask the readers – are you guys enjoying my blog? Is there anything I can change or add? Or remove? Your comments would be much appreciated.

peace and love

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