Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Kindle, You Suck!

I understand that the Kindle is a product that makes reading easier, more accessible, and it is eco-friendly. I still don't care. I am all for saving the environment but I will be hypocritical regarding this topic. Reading is a precious activity that allows the reader to escape into another reality, cliché? Yes, but also true. I do not see how a person can read something like Shakespeare, Austen, or Whitman on a computer screen. It is a contradiction.

The Kindle desensitizes reading and exudes a dark, dismal feeling. You cannot curl up on a couch and read your Kindle. That is just awkward. There lacks this indefinable emotion or feeling that can only be achieved by holding a glorious book!


  1. Well said, I'm not even an avid reader and I totally get your point!

  2. Nice argument, although the kindle isn't so much of a bad idea, only if you throw it out and replace it with an ipad, or apple product instead.
    we had this conversation last night over skype.
    Actually, forget everything i said, the best thing would be if i was cuddled up next to you on that couch and you were reading to me.