Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter to all!

After being fed a meal that could feed 10 children I am falling into a deep food coma.
I have not posted in a while for these reasons:
  1. My laptop crashed. AGAIN.
  2. I have been overwhelmed with school work.
  3. I am constantly tired.
  4. I have had nothing good to say. (I don't know if this counts because it is all based on whether one thinks I ever have anything good to say).
  5. The weather has been lovely so I am never home.
Anyways...due to the fantastic weather I have felt the urge to lose an enormous amount of weight. There is one, teeny, tiny problem.... I have an obese woman living inside of me, her name is Roberta. She loves food and is constantly hungry! I have to put her to rest!

I fear the sunshine because I will not be able to focus on my finals and I will just want to live the life of leisure. The trivial dilemmas of mine.

One more dilemma is the perfect location for my tattoo. Wrist? Ankle? Such a tricky decision. I really want to get it soon so I need to make up my mind. HELP!


  1. Ankle sweetie! I would opt for you not getting a tattoo at all, but if you are gonna get one, I would say ankle definitely...

  2. Ask Roberta where you shld get it