Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The link I showed you in the previous post never got an explanation. Although those photos need no introduction or explanation I feel it is necessary to state the obvious.

Our world is constantly polluted because people are too lazy to throw things in the trash and people are too lazy/afraid to change. There is also the HUGE addition of ignorance.

People always tell me that I am ridiculous or a tree hugger because I want to protect the environment...what kind of an attitude is that?! If there is room for change than we must try and adapt! I have tried to stop using plastic bottles as often as I can -- I bought a water flask and it has come in handy, however I am still guilty of this plastic offense! I am not saying that you need to change everything instantly but small steps make all the difference no matter how trivial you think these actions are; they truly have an impact!

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