Wednesday, May 5, 2010


OMG Facts is probably one of the most time consuming websites ever! Apart from YouTube this site grabs my attention and can hold onto it for hours! Well I would like to share my two favourite random facts of the day:
  • Every year, dogs kill more people in the US than Great White sharks have in the past 100 years. 
Overall, dogs kill more people in the US every year than sharks do. You are more likely to be killed by a dog than by a shark, and you are much more likely to be bitten by a dog than bitten by a shark. There has only been one confirmed fatal shark attack in the US in 2009. Compare that to 25 deaths in the US caused by dogs in that same year.
  • The creators of Adidas and Puma were brothers...and Nazis.
Adolf "Adi" Dassler started and Rudolph "Rudi" Dassler started a line of sports shoes in Germany in 1924. They both joined the Nazi Party when Hitler rose to power. Rudi was drafted to fight in WWII and was captured by Allied forces. American soldiers suspected him of being a member of the SS (Hitler's paramilitary force), and Rudi was convinced that his brother, Adi, had ratted him out. 

Due to irreconcilable differences between the two brothers the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory fell apart in 1948. Adi went on to start his own line of shoes, "Adidas" (based on his name, 
Adi Dassler). Rudi started his own line of shoes, "Puma", named after the German word for "Panther."

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  2. omggggg soooo weird!!!!
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