Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Issue of Monogamy

I find that lately I am believing less and less in monogamy and my faith in love is lacking even more.
People tend to get frustrated with me and assume that I am trying to be non-conforming or feeling self-pity, but I truly believe this!

I see monogamy around me and I believe that it can be achieved by some people but at the same time I just do not see us all having monogamous relationships. Is there really one person for everyone? That is impossible, the divorce rate is 50% and people remarry often. I don't know the exact facts but the male to female ratio has to be off (with the problems of infanticide, etc.). It is possible to love more than one person at the same time, so how is it not possible in marriage?

If you believe in the theory of evolution then looking at the animal kingdom we have no hope for monogamy. Only a small percentage of mammals are actually monogamous, the majority are serial monogamists.

Serial monogamy is what we humans have to look to, we stay in monogamous relationships BUT only for small intervals, then we move on, or we cheat. Just like animals.

IF you do not believe in evolution it doesn't matter, just take a look at the majority of the people around you, 45% of women have committed adultery, and 55% of males have also.

I am in no way an advocate for polygamy. Maybe an advocate for a serial monogamy...


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