Thursday, June 24, 2010


I crossed off something on my list today! YAY!

25 is crossed off dudes! One mission accomplished in life. The Empire State Building was extremely terrifying...I really hate heights and it was pretty high. I had a mini heart panic attack on the elevator ride up!

BUT it is done!

I am currently in New York to come watch my best friend perform in an amazing play called Neither Heaven nor Earth! I cannot wait to go to her last show on the 26th and watch my baby perform!

Today we went shopping, went to the Museum of Sex which was soooo fascinating! This museum had exhibitions on sex in film, sex fetishes, and animal sex. The animal portion of the exhibition was probably the most interesting because there are so many things that shocked me and I gained a lot of random interesting knowledge. Did you know that animals have orgasms? AND they masturbate? Koalas, giraffes, lions, dolphins, bison, and grey whales are homosexuals. There is such a thing as Panda Porn...and so many other random things. Really such a cool experience, it should not be neglected if anyone decides to visit NYC.

After the museum we went to the Empire State Building and then Whole Foods for dinner. Why can't this be my life EVERYday!?

Sadly today Italy got kicked out of the World Cup and it was a bit of a buzzkill. However tomorrow is a new day in one of the greatest cities in the world!
More shopping, more museums, and more food!

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