Monday, July 26, 2010

thoughts from the past...


As I sat on the metro I watched five couples walk in. They all varied in age, but what struck me as most interesting were the two elderly couples. One couple was in deep conversation whilst the other couple sat contently, side by side, in complete silence.

I began to think about how they met. Then my imagination ran wild. I started to think how did this gentleman woo his love? Did she pursue him? Or was this a marriage of convenience? Was there passion? With age does passion still exist or has it simmered into non-existence?

Will I be 70 and married? Will I be just as in love as I was when I first met him? Was I ever in love to begin with?

There are days where I wish I could catch a glimpse of my future and see what lays ahead...but then where is the fun in that!

I don't know if these are strange thoughts, and frankly my dears, I don't give a damn. I love imagining what my life could be and there are plenty of scenarios buzzing in my mind. A good friend once told me that I need to just live in the now, to stop having great expectations, to forget the future and think only of the present. I wish I could but I am too excited about what awaits me, I have such a thirst for the unknown and therefore my future exhilarates me!

Do any of you think this way or is it just me?!

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