Thursday, September 2, 2010


With the new school year comes all the jitters and anticipation that have accompanied me since KG1. Since I can remember I have never been able to sleep the night before the first day of school, I am always way too excited or anxious. I have never missed the first day of school in my life. I love it.

This might seem extremely weird and dorky, but I love school supply shopping, the idea of meeting new people, new classes, new profs, new material (that could potentially influence me a lot), etc. I am having mixed emotions to this upcoming year because it will be my last year of school for a while, and my last first day is shortly approaching. I will never look forward to that day and all those feelings, instead I have to enter the corporate world and find a job. I will be getting interviewed which leads to be getting judged on my appearance, personality, and grades. FUN.

It is most definitely bittersweet because I love school, it is all that I have known, but I cannot wait until I graduate and take on new adventures, new countries, and new people. My only hope is that I will be successful in all my endeavours.

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