Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Old Friend

This is beyond amazing. My all-time favourite characters are coming back to life in this new film adaptation of Winnie The Pooh!!!!!

Here is the new trailer...get excited!

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  1. did you know that the bear Winnie is based off of a real bear from Canada? it was bought by a Canadian soldier during WW1 in Canada and named it after Winnipeg, Canada where the soldier was from. He brought it with him to London and then he had to go to France for the war and couldn't bring the bear so he left it at the London zoo. Christopher Robin, who was the son of a writer, was obsessed with Winnie the bear at the zoo and the father promised to write short stories based on Winnie the Bear at the zoo.

    Hahaha the only reason I know this is because I saw this on one of those heritage commercials learn something new everyday :P!!