Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is upon us..

As the season is changing so is life (horrible/cliche metaphor?). The end of my undergraduate education is ending and I am slowly becoming more and more anxious. All I can think about is how I do not know anything that is coming my way. My world is changing and the world around me is changing drastically. The Middle East has become a mixing pot of revolutions and crackdowns, with no idea how the future will look like I am finding my future presence there less of a possibility. What will I do without school to attend? Where will I apply to? Who will hire me? Do I have to make new friends all over again?

Slowly but surely the people in my life are disappearing, people are graduating, finding jobs, moving, moving on...where does this leave me?

I've realised that I have become more independent in this change, due to this change. However I am unsure of whether or not my mind can take this anymore. These changes are bringing about mental turmoil, I am becoming an emotional wreck...this is something that I despise.

I see people chasing and achieving their dreams, how do they overcome all of this? Is life as easy as they make it seem? I can only wonder...

I suppose I have to do what mother always told me: "one step at a time" which is problematic seeing as I am constantly imagining all of my possibilities and wondering...always wondering....

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