Thursday, March 31, 2011

"They had spoken like old friends catching up after a short while; in reality they were complete strangers. Fair enough they had been in class together for a whole semester, but neither one ever acknowledged the other until now. He was telling her about his family background and all she could do was focus on his perfectly shaped lips, his warm, brown eyes, his amazing smile, and numerous other things that left her enamoured. After a while they realised a whole hour had passed and neither had made a movement to leave, she decided that it was time. The least she could do was pretend to have some faint form of a life. As soon as they waved goodbye she realised that she did not even know his name. Who was he? Who was this amazingly sweet, witty, clever, handsome stranger? Her mind kept racing through a million scenarios in which they would meet again. It would be straight out of a classic 80s/90s film. They had kismet."


  1. I want more!! Who's this mysterious man?


  2. Love it, Natasha!! More por favor :)