Friday, August 26, 2011

life is a highway..

I am going to put myself out there and state the obvious. Feminists will hate me. The majority of girls will hate me. Here it is...

Girls are crazy! They are neurotic and confused and complicated and the list goes on and on...
When girls start being interested they start acting nutso. Girls either flaunt their vices or hide it extremely well. We overanalyze texts, body language, sentence structure. It is not healthy!! I have found myself analyzing punctuation...YES I AM ADMITTING TO THIS! 

It is not healthy and it is so ridiculous. My question to the world of females is why do we do this? Why do we instantly become freaks when our hearts are involved? When my friends are discussing their neurotic behaviours I sit there and help them realise how crazy they sound. However when it involves me I forget all my advice! I am even aware of it. 

Also, do men do this? Do they fix their texts or analyze us..or do they sit there and think nothing of anything? Oblivious to the malfunction we females face. 

I have revealed a deep dark secret. Don't judge. Try and move forward. Erase all the crazyyy! 

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