Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Story of Aria

When life hands you lemons, sometimes the juice squirts you in the eye and it burns. A cliche to describe the unfortunate life of one Aria Bradley. Aria was an average student, quite pretty, funny, witty, good-natured, and she was liked by many. People wouldn't say that Aria was necessarily unlucky in love, rather that she was infrequent in love. Throughout her teenage years she had one or two boyfriends and three to five flings. None which amounted to anything life altering or heartbreaking. The majority of them merely fizzled or they became awkward enemies or they became the best of friends. The latter being the more common outcome of all her relationships. Aria was simply not adept at the romantic portion of life. To her it was an unknown territory. Boys might as well be speaking Chinese to her when they were flirting. She picked up on nothing, you literally had to plant one giant, sloppy, kiss on her in order for her to begin to comprehend the situation...and even then she might need further convincing. Once in a semi-relationship, further complications would arise, like getting Aria to refrain from running, avoiding, or simply ignoring the situation. To claim that Aria had a commitment phobia was a severe understatement. She made George Clooney look like a hopeless romantic.

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