Friday, November 4, 2011

An increasing number of deaths and physical violations have occurred this year with members of the LGBT community. I suppose these incidents have always occurred but it has only risen to the top of the media's attention list recently.

These poor boys and girls have to continuously suffer at the hands of others due to fear. Fear of the unknown. Apparently what you don't know can only hurt you. Instead of trying to understand others, bullies decide to prey on them for their differences.

Making fun of someone at sixteen years old might seem harmless at the time, but those scars live forever. I know that I made a couple of wrong turns during high school with the way I treated people or the things I said about them. I also know that these moments randomly hit me and I feel like someone just punched me in the stomach. I cannot believe I could hurt someone in such a spiteful way. The same goes for these bullies who are abusing innocents at a much more intense level than I ever did.

How can these people live with themselves knowing that someone felt so much pain and felt so hopeless that they decided to take their own life? I have no idea what it must feel like moments before you commit suicide, but just the thought of it makes me scared. These poor kids had to have felt so utterly helpless and alone, so completely battered and exhausted. All this just because of who they chose to love.

Does being gay truly effect any straight person? I do not see how it does. I am straight and I have many lesbian, gay, and bisexual friends. Not one of them has ever made me feel threatened. In fact these are some of the sweetest people I know. Those with such big hearts. Who are only waiting to accept you into their lives. Sans judgement.

What does our world do? It shuns them. It makes them feel wrong. Inferior. Unwanted.

If anyone who is reading this cares or feels like this is the situation they have been put in, know that it gets better. Know that you, as an individual, can actually make a change. One tiny ounce of kindness is more than enough to keep a person going for one more day.

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