Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which a movie is SO bad, where the plot and script make you want to cringe...and yet you find yourself thouroughly enjoying yourself?

Don't you hate it when after seeing this horrible excuse for a film, you hear other people mocking anyone that could have ever liked that movie. You want to stand up and defend your horribly commercial, horribly scripted, horribly acted, movie to the last breath!

Why do we love the movies that suck so muchhhhh! Take for example: The Last Song. This movie was beyond horrible. The script was terrible, Miley Cyrus looked like she was in pain the whole way through, the storyline was beyond cheesy, and after all my mental bashings I still walked out going AWWW.

I've realised, anything with a happy ending makes the dumbest things, wonderful!

New Years Eve - great ensemble cast and yet put them all together and the movie upon review was not that great. The stories were way too short, the cast was good, but there was still no story. Everyone just looked fabulous and the music was great, and yet...no real substance (except for maybe Robert DeNiro's storyline...)

However, after the movie I was so elated and felt such great anticipation for New Years, a holiday I despise!

Why? Why does this happen? I know I have good taste in movies, give or take the few guilty pleasures.

My conclusion:
 The world needs more happy endings.

It is as simple and as cheesy as that. We do not have enough happy stories in our world. Look at the sports section of the newspaper today and even that is filled with misery - drug busts, sex offenders, trades...

No one is safe! This is why we need to start creating our own happy endings.

We need to bring about the good in life and stop focusing on the negative. Media is probably the biggest factor here, but if we change what we read, the media will have to reform itself.

Let's make happiness sell! Start looking for the awesome.

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