Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

1. Wedding Magazines - I just adore looking at the decorations, the venues, the outfits, the favours, EVERYTHING! These magazines are the perfect cure to the blues. I could read them for days. I also happen to adore the stories in which the featured couples explain how they met, how they knew, and their inspiration behind their ideal wedding.

2. Reality TV - everyone loves watching Jersey Shore, The Kardashians (all of their shows), Hoarders, Celebrity Rehab, Teen Mom, etc. For some reason having insight into another human beings lives makes us all feel better about ourselves. If not, it makes you want their life. For 20-40 minutes a day we can all live vicariously through these characters and their fabulous or not-so fabulous lives. An escape from our reality is what it really comes down to, and we all love to escape once in a while.

3. Watching a romantic/sad movie just to get in a good cry. - If any of you girls deny this, you lie! Almost every girl loves a good cry, and the best way to do it is to watch one of those soppy love stories. P.S. I Love You, My Sister's Keeper, A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Beaches, the list goes on and on!

4. Reading the last page of a book before even starting it! I used to be totally against this and then I tried it once and have never looked back. I trick myself into thinking it is not that bad by quickly skimming and then immediately slamming the book shut! Don't we all want to know if there is a happy ending? I need to prepare myself for a fatality, my feeble heart cannot handle surprises.

5. Reading Perez Hilton and JustJared religiously. To counter this guilty pleasure I also read: NYTimes,, and the Huffington Post, to name a few. For some reason the lives of the rich and famous intrigue me - I want to know what they are doing and where they were and with who! When I realise how obsessive I have become I cannot understand why. They are regular people with a different kind of talent and a little more luck than the rest of us, and yet...I frequent these two sites about five times a day. *cringe* 


  1. lol love this! I share the same guilty pleasures 1,2 and 5 :S

  2. Here are my long awaited responses:
    1) Cute
    2) We share this one. B.o.t.e? Can you guess?
    3) This is why you're emo
    5) You are obsessed beyond belief.. i don't recall seeing you on NYTimes recently haha be proud of your ability to name the top 100 stories in the media without a second thought.