Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daily Nonsense

If I could I would go back and redo it all differently. My first mistake was being the class clown in high school. I think I should have maintained my idiotic behaviour, whilst also focusing on my assignments more than MSN. Ah yes, I come from the Stone Age where MSN was considered cool and hip.

Due to this change I would apply to the universities and probably get in to every single one. I might also have had a more defined path, and would have probably been able to get into the Journalism or Communication programs which I so desperately wanted to be a part of.

After the fact I would have gained co-op experience prompting me to actually achieve success in the career world. I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing this piece because I’d be swamped with work or responsibilities. Instead I am annoyed, dejected, and ready to give up completely. Not kill myself or anything, just attempt to go back to school or something. Maybe I should go into waitressing. I know that there has to be one waitressing job out there for me.

If I could I would sit and blog all day and write my novel, travel with one backpack across Europe, Asia, and South America. Go see the world and learn from it. Soak up all life has to offer, drink espresso and mint tea whilst writing about my latest adventure or the handsome stranger I met at the bookstore. I’d write page after page without any of life’s mundane distractions. I’d be content with my work because it would be untainted. Pure.

Perhaps I’ll sleep, perchance to dream.

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