Friday, January 27, 2012

In regards to the videos below...I have only a few words to say. Both those two clever and admirable individuals had so much to say and articulated their points beautifully. The sad reality is that Charlie Chaplin made his speech in 1940 and Severn Suzuki made hers in 1992, and yet both speeches are highly relevant to our world today. How can we say that we are an evolved race when all that we have progressed in is technology, warfare, and faster ways to make a dollar.

True progression should come from us benefitting our world for the future generations in terms of curing illnesses and sparking fires in youth to revolutionize our planet. The Arab Spring was a start, as were the Occupy movements, however aren't we relatively late in our demands?

Have we not watched as our fellow men and women suffered at the hands of colonization, exploitation, and cruel dictatorship? Have we not watched our planet slowly deteriorate? Yet, we still question why the weather is so strange this winter OR why did nobody help the people of Egypt before?

The reason being because we as humanity, as a race, have failed to value what is important. We have failed to recognize when we need to stand up to the powers that are corrupting our world. We have failed to raise money to go to a UN conference to tell a bunch of older, supposedly wiser, people that their lack of initiative is a disgrace. We have failed to truly exhibit what we feel, we hold back, we are apathetic.

It is pathetic. It infuriates me because I fear I have become a shell of a person. I might preach these words, but I am equally at fault. I recognize my lack of initiative to perhaps create a change, because I fear the unknown and the possibility that I will be rejected. These causes are bigger than my ego, than all of our ego's.

A change must begin. Baby steps, but it should begin today.

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