Wednesday, February 27, 2013

stream of thoughts.

there are days where i sit here and wonder, how did i get to this place? i sit and imagine all the different paths i could have taken, not that i regret any choices i have made. to live with regrets is to live miserably. we must all understand the choices we made, and why they were right at the time, take these choices and see what they have given us.

i have realised that a lot of the choices i made over this past year have led me to a place i could never even imagine. i do not love the place i am in right now, in totality, however i am not unhappy. i am content with where i am for the time being and my heart never stops wanting. i am always yearning for new paths, for new choices, for new adventures. i do not see this as a bad thing, some might call it flaky, i think it is wanting of a nicer word, to describe it. i think that when you want so many things it is not greedy, it is wanting them for the right reasons, wanting to learn and explore. to test your abilities. to find out what else you are capable of, or what else lies out there waiting for you to conquer. we are all so enclosed in our little worlds, i find that greedy and selfish. we have a whole universe to explore, and we cannot even explore the world that was given to us. we should be trying one new thing a day. we should be experiencing everything that we can - scary, exhilarating, enlightening. anything that will allow us to explore ourselves deeper and all that surrounds us. experiences build character, they also reveal so many hidden things about oneself.

to this point i will make a vow - i will try one new thing a day. i will make sure that if the option presents itself i will take the risk and do something that takes me outside my comfort zone, that allows for change.

that is all for now.

so much love to you all.

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